045: A Live Exploration of Procrastination


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A short episode exploring my struggle with procrastination as I prepare to enter a new job.

I’m about to start a new job and have decided to take a month off podcasting.

I’m doing this so I can adjust to the new time and energy requirements of the job without placing additional stress on myself to create a podcast every week.

So, I’m preparing four podcasts in advance so I can ensure there is always a new episode for you on Sunday no matter how crazy life becomes.

I thought this was a brilliant idea, but my old friend procrastination began to telling me otherwise. I was completely blocked from producing these episodes.

In this episode, I explore the cause of my procrastination and share some relieving perspective shifts which have helped me work through it and free me to do what I need to do.

This is the last episode before I take a four-week break. I’ll be back with Episode 46 on April 30th, 2017.

Show Notes

  • I’m struggling to prepare an episode this week. 00:34
  • Backstory: I got the job I applied for in Episode 40. 01:22
  • I have a topic to podcast about this week but it’s feeling really difficult to produce. 02:19
  • I have a feeling I’m procrastinating because recording these 4 episodes is making, what I think will be a stressful experience, become a reality. 02:52

Procrastination makes everything else seem more interesting than the thing you’re working on. 05:20

  • I’ve realised procrastination is there to protect me. 05:58
  • A lot of self-doubt just came up while recording this podcast. 07:58
  • I used to think procrastination was just an annoying thing stopping me from doing what I wanted to do. 09:31
  • Acknowledging procrastination as a protective mechanism reduces it’s effects on us. 10:43
  • My message to procrastination. 12:18

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