Jeremy Albertsen – Navigating the Obstacles to Oneness (#56)


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Today I’m speaking with my friend, Jeremy Albertsen.

Jeremy is the author of The Pursuit of Clarity – a book which documents his journey through different levels of awareness as he gave up the distractions and numbing habits of the Western World, and entered deep states of meditation.

Jeremy is also a gardener, musician, poet, and artist.

I first met Jeremy in 2018 while attending the New Warrior Training Adventure run by the ManKind Project in Western Australia. Jeremy was a facilitator and guided me through a particularly challenging experience at the workshop. I was intrigued by Jeremy’s compassionate and grounded nature as he interacted with me and others even in demanding situations.

In this episode, Jeremy and I talk about the practicalities and obstacles to experiencing states of oneness, how to tune into different frequencies of consciousness, the process of letting go of an undesired habit, and much more.

Please enjoy this insightful and heartfelt talk with Jeremy Albertsen.

Also discussed in this episode:

  • Jeremy’s approach to spirituality through direct experience.
  • Ben shares his history with people-pleasing behaviour and losing connection with his authentic self.
  • Being our genuine selves – It’s OK to disappoint others.
  • The obstacles to oneness and the tools for moving closer to this state.
  • Ben shares his thoughts on taking action from the soul.
  • The challenges of applying oneness to everyday life.
  • Allowing ‘bad’ habits to let go of us.
  • Jeremy speaks about standing in our personal truth may mean disappointing the people around us.
  • Jeremy shares the difference between surrender and passivity.
  • Everyday opportunities for practicing selflessness.
  • Jeremy talks about changing our relationship to anger. “It’s better to be angry in a way that’s safe than to bottle it up.”
  • Emotional entrainment – people tune into the strongest vibration we’re holding.
  • Coming back to everyday life after experiencing states of oneness.
  • Practicing grace in everyday life.
  • Compassion as a driving force in the universe.

Connect with Jeremy Albertsen

The Pursuit of Clarity

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The Pursuit of Clarity by Jeremy Albertsen

Select Artwork from Jeremy

Contacting the Ancestors - Jeremy Albertsen
Contacting the Ancestors by Jeremy Albertsen

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