Kemane Bâ – On Slow Growth, Self-Honesty, and Practices for Restoring Inner Harmony (#55)


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Kemane Ba Profile Picture

“I believe slow growth is the only actual growth. When something grows super fast, I think, ‘Did it actually grow? Or did it explode?'” – Kemane Bâ

Kemane Bâ (@kemaneba) is an artist, musician, and multi-talented being who is deep on the journey of self-discovery. Kemane has a passion for teaching art and removing the internal obstacles to allow creativity to flow. He lives off-grid in his self-built garden hut in Frankfurt, Germany and is the founder of the Konduktum – an online learning ‘playground’ for artists to learn and share from each other’s artistic experiences while developing their technical skills.

I first learned about Kemane through the marvellous Simon Höfer while I was living in Berlin. Simon told me of Kemane’s various explorations into consciousness during dreams states and meditation, and also introduced me to his creative work.

In each animation, painting, and song, I sensed Kemane’s deep appreciation and curiosity for life. Kemane’s art has frequently brought me to states of wondrous calm and has been a reminder for me to walk gently on my journey.

It’s now been four years that I’ve followed Kemane’s work online and I’ve finally invited him to the podcast – and I’m very glad I did!

In this long-form discussion, we dive deep into the origins of Kemane’s journey, different approaches to self-growth, daytime lucidity, social media fasting, and much more.

Please enjoy this nutritious discussion with the delightful Kemane Bâ.

Show Notes

Click a timecode to listen (audio only)

  • Introduction to Kemane [00:10]
  • Kemane’s journey of self-discovery [10:56]
  • Unpleasant experiences for personal growth [31:36]
  • The organic unfolding of self – slow growth [39:29]
  • Using the dream realm as a tool for self-discovery – practicing daytime lucidity [48:07]
  • Kemane speaks about the influence of his mother and father [54:13]
  • Tiny tour of Kemane’s off-grid hut [57:42]
  • The power of belief systems [59:46]
  • Helpful environments and experiences for returning to our inner-harmony [01:03:51]
  • The process of healing mental and emotional trauma [01:20:25]
  • Social media fasting, and the pitfalls of cutting things out of our lives [01:31:14]
  • The process of identifying limiting beliefs [01:45:49]
  • Kemane speaks about Gemüse Helden (Vegetable Heroes) and the permaculture garden where he lives [01:50:44]
  • The nature of self can feel lonely at times [01:52:58]
  • “Take it slow.” Kemane shares advice for starting the journey of self-discovery [01:55:38]
  • Creating resonance for slowing down – Slow Videos [02:08:12]
  • Mental stamina – an occupied mind can be a happy mind [02:12:14]
  • Becoming aware of the cycle we are in – a cycle of external-service or a cycle of internal-service [02:23:17]
  • Kemane shares the advice he would give to a younger version of himself [02:26:34]
  • The ‘outroduction’ [02:35:12]
  • Ben thanks Kemane for the reminder to keep things playful while creating [02:42:17]
  • Authentic content creation and consumption [02:44:11]
Kemane's Garden Hut
Kemane’s Garden Hut in Frankfurt, Germany.

Connect with Kemane

Select Works from Kemane Bâ



Lev El Lev Album (produced by Kemane)

[bandcamp width=600 height=720 album=132170410 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=7137dc tracklist=false]

“A far journey through the mystical soundscapes with medicine songs written by Devdev and produced by Kemane Bâ. This little collection of tracks came to existence at the magical lake Atitlan in Guatemala and consists of produced songs, spontaneous recordings, jam sessions and other musical explorations to keep the heart warm.”

Download the album at levellevmusic.com

Heartfelt Instagram Jam


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Shout-out to Gaiama

Illustration by Kemane Bâ
From Kemane: “I forgot to mention Gaiama, the wonderful nature protection organization which I’ve had the honor to be a part of since 2018. If you happen to be interested in sustaining or even healing the physical, mental and emotional health & wealth of the next generation you should definitely keep an eye on them as they show a great level of involvment in times where it´s much needed!”
You can find out more about Gaiama on Instagram (@gaiama_org) or at their website.

The Podcast

The B is for Being Podcast is a collection of conversations with friends, psychologists, and thought-leaders on the most effective tools for uncovering authentic expression and navigating the obstacles we may encounter on the way to discovering ourselves.

About Benjamin

Hi, I’m Benjamin. I podcast and blog about authentic expression and self-discovery. I also make slow-videos for rest and reflection. You can read more about me here.

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