054: Welcome to B is for Being Version 2


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Take a tour of the new home of B is for Being.

We start this episode with a realisation which has brought more compassion to my creative process and removed the pressure from me to produce content on a hard deadline.

Then, we take a tour of the new site of B is for Being. I guide you through each section of the site, including a brand new section dedicated to rest and reflection.

If this is your first time on the site, this episode will provide a good overview of B is for Being.

Hit play and let’s dive in!

The Realisation Which Brought Compassion to My Creative Process

  • How I burned myself out and caused myself creative trauma. [01:22]
  • The realisation which changed the way I look at creating. [02:53]
  • Doubts! Others will lose interest if I don’t release content on a regular schedule! [05:20]
  • Trusting the people who are interested in what I’m saying, creating, making, will make the time to watch or listen. [06:20]

Tour of B is for Being Version 2

  • Introduction to the new site. [07:30]
  • Podcast – Conversations with friends, psychologists, and thought leaders on authentic expression and self-discovery. [08:07]
  • Slow Video – Gentle videos for rest and reflection. (An essential part of my self-discovery process.) [08:50]
  • Blog – An open journal of thoughts and observations as I uncover my authenticity. Including how I’m navigating the obstacles which come up along the way. [12:11]

Selected Links from this Episode

The Podcast

The B is for Being Podcast is a collection of conversations with friends, psychologists, and thought-leaders on the most effective tools for uncovering authentic expression and navigating the obstacles we may encounter on the way to discovering ourselves.

About Benjamin

Hi, I’m Benjamin. I podcast and blog about authentic expression and self-discovery. I also make slow-videos for rest and reflection. You can read more about me here.

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