036: “Stop Sharing Because It’s Making Me Cringe.”


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The first episode of the year and already I’m feeling a bit strange.

There are so many people talking about self-love, acceptance, meditation, connection, consciousness, ego… and it all just feels a little bit fake.

It’s like everyone only partially understands what they’re talking about but shares it like they’re an enlightened master. It just makes me cringe!

What’s the point of even sharing if we’re all dismissed as ‘just another self-proclaimed spiritual master who doesn’t really know what they’re talking about’, resulting in no one taking anyone seriously!?

These feelings became so strong that I had no motivation to produce this week’s episode. So I decided to explore what was behind these feelings and share my findings with you.

In this episode I uncover the core belief which was behind my highly critical feelings for others and myself.

Show Notes

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  • 02:22 It seemed like everyone’s story was the same – going through a hard time and emerging from the other side with new insights on life. That didn’t feel genuine to me.
  • 04:37 I had the biggest negative reaction towards people who were just beginning to share their journey.
  • 06:12 Writing helped me understand where these feelings had come from. Writing is a powerful tool for understanding our internal stories and where they’ve come from.
  • 06:37 Why do I react so strongly to people who are just starting to share themselves and not the people I consider masters?
  • 08:23 I discovered I held a deep core belief which told me I wasn’t allowed to share anything if I didn’t know what I was talking about 100%.
  • 11:01 I cringed at what other people were sharing and felt they were being fake because I felt fake within myself.
  • 12:38 I looked at the early work of the people I was reacting to and I saw where they were in a process of developing.
  • 13:50 Everyone starts somewhere. I’m allowed to start somewhere as well.
  • 15:26 I held the belief that you need to be a master before you can start talking about self-love or sharing techniques to help people through hard times.
  • 16:36 I’m very open about coming from a past of self-repression and I’m still working through that.
  • 17:10 The beliefs I hold can make me perceive other people (and what they’re doing) in a particular way.
  • 18:32 I remembered that I’m allowed to share my story just as I am, right now.
  • 19:31 No one expects you to share everything about everything when you’re sharing. Just sharing your story is enough.

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