002: Taking Care of Ourselves – A Talk with Anika


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Removing ourselves from unpleasant situations is a good way of taking care of ourselves, and developing our self-relationship. – With a strong self-relationship you naturally begin to feel centered and safe wherever you are.

I’ve found that overtime the relationship with myself has become stronger simply by listening to what I need and taking action on that feeling.

In this episode I talk with my good friend Anika about how she takes care of herself and why she feels it becomes so much harder when we’re around our loved ones.

We also talk about how our parents show us to interact with those around us, and why getting some space for yourself, away from your family, can be so helpful in discovering a sense of who you are.

Anika leaves me with some helpful advice on how not to be a perfectionist so I can get out of my own way and just make stuff.

Episode in a Nutshell

(show highlights & quick takeaways)

  • Creating a safe space away from family dynamics can allow us to reconnect with ourselves and develop a sense of personal strength.
  • We can often feel guilty with our parents because they’ve given us so much we can never repay.
  • Guilt isn’t practical. It doesn’t help us feel better, it just makes us feel guilty.
  • Sometimes our own expectations are so high they become the reason we feel we’re not good enough for our parents (or ourselves).
  • Our parents show us how to interact with the world, sometimes this can lead to personal beliefs which aren’t true. (e.g. in my case, not trusting people’s intentions because I thought certain people couldn’t be trusted.)
  • It’s safe to trust people by default. Remove yourself if they show you otherwise.
  • The way you treat others determines the way others will treat you.
  • By trying to make things perfect you can get in your own way of just getting things done. It’s ok to allow things to be crappy sometimes.

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