016: ‘What Would You Like to Let Go Of?’ Blazing Swan 2016 (Adventure Episode)


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Sharing what’s going on inside us for greater ease and connection.

I attended Blazing Swan this year and interviewed people anonymously with the intention of providing an open space for the open expression of fears, doubts and insecurities which may be causing some tension within.

From my experience, taking the time out to acknowledge inner-tensions I may be carrying has helped me bring more ease and clarity to what’s going on inside me, and has allowed me to go on to enjoy more connected and authentic interactions with myself and those around me.

I was so surprised at how openly people were sharing with me that I began to share some really deep conflicts of my own.

There are quite a few vulnerable moments in this episode.

Show Highlights and Takeaways

There were a lot of questions which came up and not many definitive answers. So here are some of the insights which came through what was shared and my general experiences of the festival:

  • Openly sharing how we are feeling shows others it’s OK to share openly as well.
  • We are not alone with our inner-difficulties. Everyone is dealing with fears, doubts and insecurities.
  • The depth of every person is so easily overlooked because we can’t easily perceive their inner-environment (their thoughts and feelings.)
  • Our experience is what we make it. We decide the experience we will have by what we choose to focus on and give energy to.
  • We can choose to move through negativity with compassion and understanding.
  • The things we are struggling with are a reflection of our inner-environment. We are thinking and feeling this way for a reason.
  • There is an inherent ease and flow in nature which we are a part of, as natural beings.

The Podcast

The B is for Being Podcast is a collection of conversations with friends, psychologists, and thought-leaders on the most effective tools for uncovering authentic expression and navigating the obstacles we may encounter on the way to discovering ourselves.

About Benjamin

Hi, I’m Benjamin. I podcast and blog about authentic expression and self-discovery. I also make slow-videos for rest and reflection. You can read more about me here.

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