011: How to Live Authentically


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A simple breakdown of what’s behind authentic self-expression

Without understanding how authentic self-expression works it’s very difficult to know what it is and how to go about practicing it.

A lot of people talk about being yourself, “Yeah, just be authentic! Just be you!” This is great but how do you actually live authentically?

In this episode I break down, plainly and simply, the components that make up authentic expression. I give some examples of what authentic expression looks like and how we can use our fears to uncover our limitless, indwelling authentic flow.

Show Highlights and Takeaways

  • The two main components of authentic self-expression:
    1. Self-awareness – The awareness of what’s going on inside you (thoughts, emotions and physical sensations).
    2. Self-acceptance – The compassionate acceptance of whatever you find.
  • Authentic self-expression occurs naturally as a result of this process.
  • We are already authentic. It’s not possible for us to get more authenticity.
  • Fear is what blocks our authentic flow.
  • Our fears come up for a reason. They’re trying to tell us something and their intention is to protect us, to keep us safe from physical or emotional pain.
  • The quality of your relationship with your fears, will determine how free you feel to express yourself.
  • When a fear comes up, sincerely look at what it’s trying to tell you. Acknowledge the fear’s genuine interest in trying to protect you from experiencing pain.
  • The fear will relax once it feels acknowledged and knows that you are aware of the perceived danger it’s warning you about.
  • Once a fear has relaxed our authentic expression is able to flow more easily.
  • Overtime, our authentic flow naturally increases as we progressively move through our fears with awareness and acceptance.

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The Podcast

The B is for Being Podcast is a collection of conversations with friends, psychologists, and thought-leaders on the most effective tools for uncovering authentic expression and navigating the obstacles we may encounter on the way to discovering ourselves.

About Benjamin

Hi, I’m Benjamin. I podcast and blog about authentic expression and self-discovery. I also make slow-videos for rest and reflection. You can read more about me here.

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