005: Stepping Out of Negativity by Becoming Aware of Our Awareness


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Stepping out of negativity-loops gives us the space to move forward on the things which matter to us.

Our negative thoughts and feelings certainly have a tremendous power behind them. It’s easy to dwell on these negative feelings, entering into endlessly looping fears, doubts and criticisms – ‘What if I’m not good enough?’ ‘I should be more …’I shouldn’t be so …’.

Becoming aware of our body as a single point of reference where all our experiences take place – thoughts, feelings and sensations – we can use our body’s awareness of these experiences to break out of these loops of negativity and take the positive action we desire.

Show Highlights and Takeaways

  • We are not our thoughts and feelings. We are the awareness behind our thoughts and feelings.
  • We can have mental, emotional and physical experiences occurring in our body.
  • The body can be used as a single point of awareness for becoming aware of what we are experiencing.
  • Our awareness of the negative experiences we are having (as we are having them) is what diminishes the power of these experiences.
  • If we were our thoughts and feelings, it wouldn’t be possible to become aware of these experiences occurring as we would always be inside them – we would be the experiences.
  • We don’t need to analyse every negative thought and emotion. We just have to become aware of what we are experiencing in the moment.
  • We can direct our attention to other parts of our body (or even outside our bodies – the sounds around us) to get a broader, more objective picture of what we are experiencing.

Your Feedback

A very different episode this week. Let me know what you thought. Did it make sense? Was it confusing? Did I leave something out? Send me an email via the Contact page or get in touch on Twitter (@bisforbeing) – it would be great to hear from you.

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