Sunny Beachside Walk to Montauk Lighthouse


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We drove out to the eastern most point of Long Island, Montauk Point. It was one of my Grandfather’s favourite places to go and spend time by the ocean.

It was a hot summer day and I had no idea where to start the walk. I knew I wanted to end up at the Lighthouse but there were no visible trails leading up to it.

I found a service road which led to a grassy trail. There were signs warning of tick infested areas… I did not find this information relaxing.

Despite my paranoid walking style, I followed the trail to a point where I thought the beach was not too far away. I was wrong.

I started the videowalk on the grassy trail which seemed to go forever without end. At one point, a stick which was embedded in the ground, spontaneously fell on the path.

I was spooked at how fast it fell. There was no sign of any creature or thing which could have made it fall. It’s very hard to see in the video but it happens at: 03:47

I finally made it to the beach and felt relieved for a short moment before seeing a sign warning people to be careful of sea lions.

I took a chance and walked onto the beach anyway. There were no sea lions to be seen and for quite a while it was just me and the sound of the ocean.

Further up the beach I spotted a few surfers in the water. They were catching some waves and dodging large rocks on their way in. It looked like fun.

It was strange to notice many dead fish and crabs on the beach as I came closer to the lighthouse. Maybe they were blinded by the light at night and swum onto the shore…

I finally made it to the lighthouse.

I bought a ticket and walked straight to the top.

This was one of the most refreshing and relieving walks I’ve done so far.

Let me know what you think in the comments.


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