Relax inside the Katena Luminarium, Relaxing Light Sculpture


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Relax inside the peaceful Katena Luminarium.

A luminarium is a modular light sculpture made of translucent and opaque PVC material. Its design allows sunlight to infuse the interior with a mesmerising array of light and colour.

The first luminarium was created by Alan Parkinson, the founder and designer of Architects of Air (

“I design luminaria because I want to share my sense of wonder at the phenomenon of light. A luminarium provides the frame for an encounter with a light whose surprising and simple intensity cuts through conditioned perception.” –Alan Parkinson, from the Architects of Air website (

This walk was recorded in the Katena Luminarium during its visit to Carine Open Space on July 2019. Luminarium tour dates:

Special thanks to Jon Gatt for providing early access into the Luminarium.

Music: ‘The Mountains of Venice’ by David Bickley and Enrico Coniglio


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