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I was interviewed by Rush Dorsett for the Own Your Voice Show on March 27, 2019. Rush asks what inspired the creation of B is for Being and how I began the process of self-discovery and authentic expression.

This is the first time I’ve been interviewed about B is for Being. This video contains the most in-depth account of my journey so far, including a detailed look at the most effective tools for uncovering authentic expression.


  • The inspiration to start B is for Being 1:33
  • How I shifted from my limiting beliefs and into my authenticity 7:27
  • How to soften limiting beliefs 11:28
  • Daily Practice: Giving myself permission to be 15:19
  • The changes I’ve noticed since expressing myself authentically 17:01
  • How I know when I’m being authentic 18:49
  • How I know when I’m not being authentic 19:43
  • Developing a self-awareness practice, and taking care of our needs 20:49
  • How to start the journey of self-discovery 23:58
  • How to use the present moment as a tool for authentic expression 29:41
  • The potential to change the world: the power of self-awareness and acceptance 36:16

This video was originally produced by Rush Dorsett for the Own Your Voice Show (2019).

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Hi, I’m Benjamin. I podcast and blog about authentic expression and self-discovery. I also make slow-videos for rest and reflection. You can read more about me here.

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