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I’m taking every seventh week off to recharge and reflect so I can bring my best to you every week.

I’ve been so focused on producing new episodes for the podcast that I’ve neglected other parts of B is for Being and it’s starting to show.

If you’re a mailing-list subscriber you would have noticed the giant wall of unformatted text coming through with each new episode of the podcast. This is not cool and not how it should be! But this has been a persistent issue that’s remained unresolved because I’ve been spending so much time producing podcasts.

So I’ve felt the need to step back to review everything that’s happened in the previous six weeks, recharge, plan and make some changes to my process.

The plan is to produce a new episode every week and on the seventh week I’ll take a break. I’ll use this time to resolve any outstanding issues with the site, further develop my writing and speaking skills, plan for future content and recharge myself with some downtime. But this also means you won’t see any new content on the site during that week.

How I Spent This Week Off

  • Reached out to a Mailchimp specialist for prettier email formatting
  • Writing and refinement on The Pocket Guide of Gentle Reminders (Coming soon!)
  • General typography and readability tweaks for the site
  • Planning upcoming content
  • Recharging my batteries in nature and soaking up the springtime sun!

I Heard It From Sean

Sean McCabe has worked tirelessly on his brand seanwes for many years now, putting in up to 100hrs of work a week, week after week. At a certain point he realised this wasn’t sustainable and would eventually lead to burnout, meaning he wouldn’t be able to produce anything while he spent time recovering.

Instead of waiting for that to happen he decided to start taking Small Scale Sabbaticals, using every 7th week as time to spend on his other passions, plan for the future and  relax to refresh his focus and energy for the next six weeks of dedicated work. His whole team work this way and has ensured they are producing quality content week after week.

Back Next Week!

This mini-break is almost over.

I’ll be back working on a new episode for you on Monday, ready for your listening pleasure on Sunday the 25th of September. Until then!

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Hi, I’m Benjamin. I podcast and blog about authentic expression and self-discovery. I also make slow-videos for rest and reflection. You can read more about me here.

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