Binaural Bushwalk – Australian Walking Trail


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I’ve tried to walk this trail once before on a very rainy day but I wasn’t prepared for the wet weather and had to turn back after only 20minutes or so, as every piece of me was soaked and cold.

This videowalk was recorded while I was on a 5 day self-retreat – no phone, no internet, just me. On this walk I actually got lost and inadvertently exited the trail and ended up on a main road…

But! This walk was very interesting. As I was high up in the Perth hills, there were points where I could look out onto some tree-filled views. There are many interesting rock formations to be seen and an old train tunnel which I found very difficult to walk through as I could not see the ground or what was in front of me.

This was my first walk using binaural earphones. They aren’t very comfortable but seem to record an acceptable stereo recording. Let me know what you think in the comments.


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