Australian Bushwalk – Australian Bushwalking Sounds (Binaural Sound)


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Take a gentle bushwalk through John Forrest National Park in Western Australia.

We walk in solitude as we hear native Australian bird calls and insects. A warm breeze blows gently through the trees.

There are a few aircraft which fly overhead, the noise of their engines adding sharp contrast to the natural surrounds.

We have a brief encounter with some wild kangaroos along the way (@23:04)

Arriving at the first lookout of the Eagle View trail, we look west. We see Perth city on the horizon surrounded by the suburban sprawl.

The audio in this video has been recorded using a binaural microphone, allowing us to immerse ourselves in the bushland sounds (headphones required).

This walk was recorded on the same day as this video (Binaural Bushwalk) in which I became lost and walked out of the national park.

Are you enjoying these videos walks? What would you like to see next? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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