What is Ego? (Photo by Aftab Uzzaman. LIcensed under the Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 2.0))

038: What is Ego?

Everyone is talking about it but are we all talking about the same thing?

If we’re embarking on any sincere self-discovery work we have to know what the word Ego is actually referring to.

‘Ego’ comes up so frequently in self-help material and everyday conversation that its definition has begun to get more than a little fuzzy.

Without a clear understanding of what this word points to it can be difficult to understand our own thoughts, feelings and behaviors and why it is some of them keep returning.

In this episode, I take a step back from assuming I know what the word Ego means and attempt to piece together a collective understanding of what we’re actually talking about when use this tiny, but complex, three letter word.

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Different Parenting Styles and Their Effects on Self-Esteem

037: Different Parenting Styles and Their Effects on Self-Esteem – A Chat with Júlia

A casual, yet raw chat about childhood and the difference it makes to one’s self-esteem.


I was in a conversation with my girlfriend Júlia a couple of months ago and realised that she’s had a very different upbringing to me.

Julia’s childhood wasn’t perfect (and no one’s is) but when I learned that her parents were guiding her to realise the natural consequences of her actions, and that they would explain to her why she wasn’t the reason they got mad – I knew I wanted to know more about their approach to parenting.

As we know, it’s the experiences we have as kids which often significantly shape the way we think about ourselves, and as a result, our experience of life.

In this episode Júlia and myself share different childhood stories about our parents and the differing effects these experiences had on our self-esteem. Continue reading

036: “Stop Sharing Because It’s Making Me Cringe.”

The first episode of the year and already I’m feeling a bit strange.

There are so many people talking about self-love, acceptance, meditation, connection, consciousness, ego… and it all just feels a little bit fake.

It’s like everyone only partially understands what they’re talking about but shares it like they’re an enlightened master. It just makes me cringe!

What’s the point of even sharing if we’re all dismissed as ‘just another self-proclaimed spiritual master who doesn’t really know what they’re talking about’, resulting in no one taking anyone seriously!?

These feelings became so strong that I had no motivation to produce this week’s episode. So I decided to explore what was behind these feelings and share my findings with you.

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2016 Year in Review

035: 2016 Year in Review

Looking back on the biggest learnings, fears and episodes of 2016.

What an amazing year 2016 has been. A year full of growth, learning and expansion for everyone. I’m amazed at how much I’ve learned this year and lost track of the times I smashed through my comfort zones.

This is the episode where I take a look back at the year that was 2016 and share my biggest learnings, my biggest fears and the most powerful episodes I produced this year.

Grab your listening ears and hit play on the last episode of 2016.

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034: Understanding Ourselves by Looking at the People We Admire

Using the things we admire in others as a tool for discovering our own unique selves.

When we are born we aren’t given a manual which tells us the person that we are. No one else can tell us the unique things we hold inside of ourselves or how we feel like expressing it.

Knowing these things is part of the process of self-discovery.

Today I’d like to share a tool with you that has made it much easier for me to dive into myself and discover my inherent ways of being and expression.

The tool itself is just a simple list of the people you admire. However, instead of stopping there, by looking more closely at exactly which aspects of a person we admire we can learn which part of us is admiring those parts in them.

In this episode I share with you the people I admire at the moment and go through the process of identifying exactly what it is I admire about each of them.

Knowing what we admire in others puts us in a position to be able to make more energising and fulfilling decisions for ourselves more often.

Join me as I go through my own discovery process using this tool.
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Performing on stage - A talk with Michael Slade (photo by Júlia Jiminez)

033: Performing on Stage, Expression Through Hip-Hop and Thoughts on Self-Awareness – A Talk with Michael Slade

I sat down with my old housemate Mike for a casual chat about life.

Mike Slade
Michael Slade

Michael and I were housemates this year and would regularly find ourselves deep in conversation in the kitchen on topics of psychology, philosophy and the nature of the universe.

The thought of recording these conversations often came up but never eventuated until now.

This week’s episode is a little different as I purposefully left the topic of our talk undecided. I let my questions come from a place of genuine curiousity instead of the expectation to make the best podcast episode in the world, and really, this is how all of our conversations have started in the past.

We talk about the experience of performing on stage, why hip-hop is Mike’s primary form of expression and Mike shares a heartfelt message to his 15 year old self when he was having a hard time in life.

Michael has a degree in psychology and is an Australian hip-hop artist focused on spreading awareness and understanding through his music for us to re-connect with ourselves and each other.
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The Artist's Way (photo by Júia Jimenez))

032: The Artist’s Way – A Talk With Luna Ma Narama (Part 2)

A Tool for Unblocking Our Creative Flow.

The Artist's Way - a Talk with Luna Ma Narama
Luna Ma Narama

This is Part 2 of my talk with Luna. Here’s Part 1 of our talk if you missed it.

The Artist’s Way, written by Julia Cameron, is a well known tool for understanding and clearing the blocks which hold us back from knowing and expressing our creativity.

In this episode, we go deep into the tools which The Artist’s Way provides and share our own experiences of going through the course and the continued use of the tools well after completing the 12-week course.

I began my Artist’s Way Journey at the end of 2012. I had just finished my degree in Film and was at a dead end creatively. I had so many film ideas and wasn’t working on a single one of them. I would procrastinate big time and do anything not to work on them even though I wanted to! Sounds crazy right?

I knew my creative expression was blocked and that I was afraid of making a film which no one liked or making a film in the wrong way, but I didn’t know why I was feeling this way.

My mum had a copy of The Artist’s Way and I would often find it laying around the house and flip through and read the inspiring quotes.

Overtime I began procrastinating in more and more elaborate ways and still wasn’t feeling free to create. I wanted to understand why I was so scared of making a film. It was around this time that The Artist’s Way came up in conversation with a friend and we decided to start the 12-week journey together.

I completed the course in early 2013 and found it helped me uncover some answers to why I was experiencing such a high degree of creative-blockedness. The tools it provided were invaluable and I highly recommend the Book to anyone seeking to understand and reconnect with their creative expression.

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