Sorry for keeping you hanging.

I’ve been on an extended break from the podcast after burning myself out.

I realised I was forcing myself to produce episode after episode from a place of fear instead of a genuine desire to create.

I forced myself to keep producing episodes because I thought if I stopped, you might lose interest in what I’m doing and never come back. Sounds familiar, right?

So in this episode, I explain what kept me in this fear as well as the new agreement I’ve made with myself to stop creating if I’m not having fun or being kind to myself.

Also, did somebody say ‘new video series?’ Yes, yes they did! Tune-in to learn about the new series where I will be exploring the courage to express my creativity openly.

(Note: Apologies for the clicking sound in this episode. I recorded this with my earbuds and the microphone was tapping against the zip of my jacket every time I moved :/)

Show Highlights

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  • Why you haven’t heard from me in a while 00:52
  • I’m not creating anything unless it feels fun 04:28
  • I’m starting a new video series 06:49
  • Why would I not create the very thing I want to create? 10:29
  • There was a lot of shame thrown around in my family environment so it takes courage to stepout and express myself creatively. 15:40
  • The Courage to Create 18:03

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