Are you depriving people of your indwelling awesomeness?

This week I’m computerless. With no computer to edit, I deliver a raw, completely unperfect, stream-of-consciousness about why indulging in perfectionism is depriving people from experiencing our inherent value. Our unique ideas, insights, creations and expressions. The world deserves to experience that value.

Show Highlights and Takeaways

  • Perfectionism keeps us from sharing our valuable ideas and insights with others.
  • When I find myself thinking what I’m making isn’t good enough, I find it helpful to ask: “Who am I trying to make this good enough for? – Do these people, these ruthlessly critical and negative people, actually exist in the world? – Or am I just imagining them in my head?”
  • We can give ourselves the space to make mistakes, to mess-up, to not be perfect.
  • When we give ourselves this space to mess-up we are free to create, to experiment, to explore and try.
  • Even famous people aren’t perfect. They mess-up, make mistakes and aren’t funny. But that doesn’t mean we hate them. We just think, “Oh they messed up there.”
  • People don’t care as much as we do about what we are making. They aren’t looking for the mistakes. They’re just interested in what we have to say.
  • There is no 100% perfect. It’s an imaginary destination that has never (and will never) exist.
  • Put yourself out there. Don’t deprive the world of your inherent value. You deserve to share yourself with the world, complete with mess-ups, mistakes, amazingness and more.
  • Chicken.