Taking Every Seventh Week Off

Taking Every Seventh Week Off

I’m taking every seventh week off to recharge and reflect so I can bring my best to you every week.

I’ve been so focused on producing new episodes for the podcast that I’ve neglected other parts of B is for Being and it’s starting to show.

If you’re a mailing-list subscriber you would have noticed the giant wall of unformatted text coming through with each new episode of the podcast. This is not cool and not how it should be! But this has been a persistent issue that’s remained unresolved because I’ve been spending so much time producing podcasts.

So I’ve felt the need to step back to review everything that’s happened in the previous six weeks, recharge, plan and make some changes to my process. Continue reading

Writing for Awareness

How Writing Can Help Us Live More Harmoniously with Ourselves and Others

Writing can be used as a tool for understanding the origins of our strong emotional reactions, thought patterns and the underlying beliefs we hold, providing a space for us to choose positive action which brings us closer to ourselves and others.

Strong emotional reactions like fear, anger, anxiety, jealousy and doubt greatly affect our sense of well-being and make it difficult to maintain our harmonious connections with others.

When we aren’t aware of what is the cause behind our emotional reactions we usually look outside of ourselves for the apparent cause of disturbance. In this way we usually end up blaming ourselves or those around us for how we feel.

It’s pretty crazy, but in most cases where we feel unpleasant emotions come up, these emotions are not inherently connected to the situation in front of us but are a result of the deeper beliefs we hold about how the world should or shouldn’t be.

All of the emotions we experience are a reaction to our thoughts. What we feel in our bodies as our emotions is our body reacting to these thoughts, and our thoughts are determined by the beliefs we hold. Continue reading

What I Learned in the Past Year by Peter Fessel

What I Learned in the Past Year (Guest Post by Peter Fessel)

A Tiny Intro from Benjamin: In the very first guest post on the site, we hear from Peter. Peter and I lived together in Berlin and would often find ourselves at the kitchen table talking about all sorts of things, from the meaning of life to how to bake the most delicious cake.

In this article Peter takes us behind the scenes, sharing some specific points which have changed the way he perceives himself and others, and explains how these changes have resulted in an overall improvement to his well-being.

Hi there, I’m Peter.

In this article I want to share with you a couple of things I learned in the past year about myself and about life. I know that sounds very general, but you will soon understand what I’m talking about.

I’m writing this because I feel that I grew a lot as a person during the past year and wanted to share some of my learnings. Maybe you can benefit from reading this, or maybe you already know all of it. In any case writing this has helped me better understand and reflect on what I’ve learned. Continue reading

2015 - Year in Review

2015: Year in Review

Site Origins, Lessons Learned, and What’s Coming up in 2016

It’s been a tremendous year of learning and self-development for me. And producing content for this site has brought up new challenges of self-expression and authenticity for me to work through.

I’ll be sharing all of it with you as I unravel these challenges and begin to move through them.

But right now I’d like to take a look back at the year that was 2015 and reflect on everything that’s gone down. Continue reading

Taking a Break to Treat Myself Like a Friend and Not a Robot

No episode this week. I decided to take the week off because I realised I was treating myself like a robot, expecting myself to produce an episode despite how confused and exhausted I felt from traveling across the world.

The Situation

I’d traveled from Berlin to Perth, having spent three years away from Perth and then coming back and expecting myself to hit the ground running and edit a full podcast this week. No worries, just pump it out like nothing had happened, like it was just another normal week. Continue reading

Sharing more from me.

I feel in the last few posts I’ve been putting on a voice that just isn’t me.

Everything I’ve shared on this blog so far has been stuff that’s helped me, and I certainly wouldn’t change any of it. It’s just the tone of the last few posts which don’t feel right to me. I think it sounds like I’m telling you that you’re not ok as you are right now and that you should change in someway, like starting to freewrite everyday or practice body awareness 24-7. Continue reading

Listening to what You Need

Listening to what we need.

In order to live authentically we need to listen to what we need, and provide that for ourselves in any given situation. By listening to what we need we strengthen our relationship with ourselves (the most important relationship there is) and make space for our authentic self to stretch out into the world.

For a long time I’d remain in situations which didn’t feel right. I would sit through these unpleasant situations because I thought I had to. I thought I didn’t have a choice. Somehow it felt as though I deserved to experience this unpleasantness. Continue reading