Authentic Self-Expression

I’m Benjamin Hammersley

I’m passionate about authentic self-expression and the things which help us express our fullest selves.

I’ve held myself back for most of my life because I was afraid of what other people thought about me. I discovered that deep down I believed I wasn’t good enough and always felt like I needed to be better. This belief affected every aspect of my life including my relationships, my creativity and my mental and physical health.

As I became more aware of the self-destructive force of this belief I started digging deeper and deeper to discover where all this had started and if there was another way to live my life.

What I’ve learned has changed the way I treat myself and those around me forever. As a result my life has become easier, more enjoyable and I’m on my path to realising the fullest expression of my Self.

I podcast and write about living authentically and share everything that’s helping me discover who I am, separate of the destructive fears which have held me back for so long.

Self-Empowerment Notice

In no way is the information on this site (or any other source of information) to take priority over your own sense of well-being. If something doesn’t feel right to you just leave it on the table and listen to your own sense of ease and flow.

Watercolour artwork by Stephen P. Loya