Self-acceptance comes before Self-Help

024: Self-Acceptance Comes Before Self-Help

Let’s not forget the ‘self’ in self-help

Practicing self-acceptance can be challenging while we’re holding beliefs that we should be thinking, feeling, doing or being something different to how we are. But unconditional acceptance of ourselves has the power to completely dissolve our strongest beliefs of inadequacy.

In this episode I take a look at two of the dynamics which can result from using self-help material before we’ve accepted our current mental/emotional state. These dynamics can keep us running in circles of feeling inadequate and then seeking temporary relief, without actually addressing the core of how we feel.

I share some of my own experiences and challenging times with accepting myself and how I realised I was using self-help material against myself instead of for genuine self-understanding and growth. Continue reading

Taking Every Seventh Week Off

Taking Every Seventh Week Off

I’m taking every seventh week off to recharge and reflect so I can bring my best to you every week.

I’ve been so focused on producing new episodes for the podcast that I’ve neglected other parts of B is for Being and it’s starting to show.

If you’re a mailing-list subscriber you would have noticed the giant wall of unformatted text coming through with each new episode of the podcast. This is not cool and not how it should be! But this has been a persistent issue that’s remained unresolved because I’ve been spending so much time producing podcasts.

So I’ve felt the need to step back to review everything that’s happened in the previous six weeks, recharge, plan and make some changes to my process. Continue reading

How My Parents Let Me Down

023: How My Parents Let Me Down and Why It Was Never Their Fault

A raw look at two of the biggest limiting beliefs my parents passed on to me and the tools I used to discover they weren’t to blame.

As kids we were around our parents almost everyday. We looked to our parents on how to relate to the world around us, and just like a thirsty sponge we soaked up everything they showed us – both the good and the bad.

We watched our parents go through their own struggles and took note (usually sub-consciously) of how they reacted to certain situations, certain people and certain  feelings they were experiencing.

But why would our parents show us things which would make our lives harder and healthy connections with others more difficult? Why would our parents treat themselves and others poorly in certain situations? These were the questions I had as I began to dig deeper and deeper into my negative reactions which were causing trouble in my own relationships with others. Continue reading

Feeling selfish for taking care of our needs.

022: Feeling Selfish for Taking Care of Our Needs – A Talk with Eve Laurén

Sharing the struggle of honouring our needs and keeping others happy in the process.

Feeling selfish for taking care of our needs.
Eve summoning her inner honey badger

I met Eve at OM Power Yoga. She is my Yoga teacher. Her classes are fun, spontaneous and not afraid to flow in a different direction.

Her studio offers much more than your average dose of downward dogs. In just a few months it has organically evolved into a thriving social hub with regular after class chai-time and spontaneous hangouts quickly becoming the norm. Eve’s dynamic and ever-flowing energy has been a cornerstone of this evolution.

Her own evolution has been far from average. Following a period of intense accidents Eve decided to make some changes in her life – to start making decisions for herself from a place of love instead of fear.

In the later half of this episode we dive into why it feels so difficult to take care of our needs around other people and share some practical tips that make this process easier – resulting in our needs being taken care of and others feeling respected. Continue reading

Self-Worth with Tim Elson

021: A Look at Self-Worth – A Talk with Tim

A look at some of the tools (and challenges) for developing a healthy sense of self-worth.

Self-worth Tim Elson
Tim hanging out with some feathered friends

Tim’s life is flowing with creativity, authentic relationships, and expansive personal growth that’s taking place at an exponential rate.

The first time I met Tim I was blown away by his solid sense of Self and I noticed he wasn’t looking to anyone to see how he should act or what he should do next; he was simply and completely just being himself.

During our conversation I discovered Tim hasn’t always lived a life of such grounded flow. He experienced a big shift in his life at age 14 and then again at the age of 18. With the help of some powerful self-discovery tools he began a conscious journey into himself to release blocked emotional energy and became aware of his limiting beliefs and genuine needs.

There’s a lot of heartfelt sharing in this episode. I share some of the fears I’ve encountered on my own journey to self-expression, and Tim shares the tools he’s used to create the enriching and dynamic life which is unfolding before him everyday. Continue reading

020 Living a Self-Empowered Life

020: Living a Self-Empowered Life – Coming Back to Self

Staying grounded within ourselves for a life of Self-empowerment

Completely owning our thoughts and feelings is one of the most liberating things we can experience. Without a dependency on external events to make us feel a certain way we are empowered to create a life driven and validated completely from our Selves. But it’s difficult to feel self-empowered without a grounded foundation within our Selves.

In this episode I look at how we can develop our Self-integrity and trust so we can begin owning our inner-experiences and removing our sense of value from the outcomes of external events.

Continue reading

019: Understanding Trauma Through Meditation and Mindfulness – A Talk with Anton Eastick

“When we come into the experience of the body and accept everything we find, as it is, we can start to notice the habitual patterns of our minds.”

Anton Eastick - Understanding Trauma
Anton Eastick

An experienced insight meditation teacher and psychotherapist, Anton Eastick carries a wealth of information about the workings of the mind and the effect trauma has on our lives.

Coming from a Buddhist philosophy Anton offers unique insights about understanding trauma and how we can begin to move through this trauma using meditation and mindfulness techniques.

I’ve experienced huge benefits in well-being from meditation and remaining aware of the thoughts and emotions I feel in my body. But I wanted to dive deeper with Anton to find out how the practice of meditation and mindful ‘watching’ actually works to heal our past traumas and brings us into a space where authentic action is possible – responding solely and uniquely to the moment in front of us. Continue reading