Self-Worth with Tim Elson

021: A Look at Self-Worth with Tim Elson

A look at some of the tools (and challenges) for developing a healthy sense of self-worth.

Self-worth Tim Elson
Tim hanging out with some feathered friends

Tim’s life is flowing with creativity, authentic relationships, and expansive personal growth that’s taking place at an exponential rate.

The first time I met Tim I was blown away by his solid sense of Self and I noticed he wasn’t looking to anyone to see how he should act or what he should do next; he was simply and completely just being himself.

During our conversation I discovered Tim hasn’t always lived a life of such grounded flow. He experienced a big shift in his life at age 14 and then again at the age of 18. With the help of some powerful self-discovery tools he began a conscious journey into himself to release blocked emotional energy and become aware of his limiting beliefs and genuine needs.

There’s a lot of heartfelt sharing in this episode. I share some of the fears I’ve encountered on my own journey to self-expression, and Tim shares the tools he’s used to create the enriching and dynamic life which is unfolding before him everyday. Continue reading

020 Living a Self-Empowered Life

020: Living a Self-Empowered Life – Coming Back to Self

Staying grounded within ourselves for a life of Self-empowerment

Completely owning our thoughts and feelings is one of the most liberating things we can experience. Without a dependency on external events to make us feel a certain way we are empowered to create a life driven and validated completely from our Selves. But it’s difficult to feel self-empowered without a grounded foundation within our Selves.

In this episode I look at how we can develop our Self-integrity and trust so we can begin owning our inner-experiences and removing our sense of value from the outcomes of external events.

Continue reading

019: Understanding Trauma Through Meditation and Mindfulness – A Talk with Anton Eastick

“When we come into the experience of the body and accept everything we find, as it is, we can start to notice the habitual patterns of our minds.”

Anton Eastick - Understanding Trauma
Anton Eastick

An experienced insight meditation teacher and psychotherapist, Anton Eastick carries a wealth of information about the workings of the mind and the effect trauma has on our lives.

Coming from a Buddhist philosophy Anton offers unique insights about understanding trauma and how we can begin to move through this trauma using meditation and mindfulness techniques.

I’ve experienced huge benefits in well-being from meditation and remaining aware of the thoughts and emotions I feel in my body. But I wanted to dive deeper with Anton to find out how the practice of meditation and mindful ‘watching’ actually works to heal our past traumas and brings us into a space where authentic action is possible – responding solely and uniquely to the moment in front of us. Continue reading

Peter Sharp Founder of The Liberators International

018: Uncovering Your Inner-Voice and Living True to Your Passion – A Talk with Peter Sharp

How did the founder of The Liberators International discover his own inner-voice?

Uncovering your inner-voice Peter Sharp
Peter Sharp speaking at TEDxPerth

Self-described as a ‘peacemaker’, Peter brings members of the public together through social actions–like dancing on a train–to show us that we’re not bound by the stories and expectations of our society, our family or our friends. In fact quite the opposite.

The message is: we can, and will, create our own unique story. A story true to our inner-calling, a story which both fulfills us and inspires the rest of humanity to do the same.

I had to know what Peter’s journey was before founding The Liberators International, and how he’d discovered his own inner-voice. We dive right into his early years and the things which needed to happen before he could start blazing his own path in life.

This episode is packed full of the good stuff. Continue reading


017: Self-Liberation and the Search for a ‘Whole Relationship’ – A Conversation with Pasan Tennakoon

Breaking through social conditions

Self-Liberation - Pasan Tennakoon
Pasan Tennakoon

I spoke with Pasan Tennakoon at this year’s Blazing Swan. Pasan is a member of

The Liberators International, an organisation which creates flash mob events around the world to remind people of our shared human connection and the ability we all have to express ourselves authentically.

Initially we were talking about the things we’d like to let go of, but the conversation naturally opened to include much more than that.

In this episode Pasan shares his journey of self-liberation and how he’s moved through some of his strongest insecurities around body image and dancing in public, and realised his fears were nothing more than social conditions which he had accepted as the definite way to behave.

We also talk about forming ‘whole-relationships’ where neither individual is needed by the other to feel complete, but instead both people support each other’s growth and development while staying true to their own needs and personal interests. Continue reading

What would you like to let go of?

016: ‘What Would You Like to Let Go Of?’ Blazing Swan 2016 (Adventure Episode)

Sharing what’s going on inside us for greater ease and connection.

I attended Blazing Swan this year and interviewed people anonymously with the intention of providing an open space for the open expression of fears, doubts and insecurities which may be causing some tension within.

From my experience, taking the time out to acknowledge inner-tensions I may be carrying has helped me bring more ease and clarity to what’s going on inside me, and has allowed me to go on to enjoy more connected and authentic interactions with myself and those around me.

I was so surprised at how openly people were sharing with me that I began to share some really deep conflicts of my own.

There are quite a few vulnerable moments in this episode. Continue reading

Writing for Awareness

How Writing Can Help Us Live More Harmoniously with Ourselves and Others

Writing can be used as a tool for understanding the origins of our strong emotional reactions, thought patterns and the underlying beliefs we hold, providing a space for us to choose positive action which brings us closer to ourselves and others.

Strong emotional reactions like fear, anger, anxiety, jealousy and doubt greatly affect our sense of well-being and make it difficult to maintain our harmonious connections with others.

When we aren’t aware of what is the cause behind our emotional reactions we usually look outside of ourselves for the apparent cause of disturbance. In this way we usually end up blaming ourselves or those around us for how we feel.

It’s pretty crazy, but in most cases where we feel unpleasant emotions come up, these emotions are not inherently connected to the situation in front of us but are a result of the deeper beliefs we hold about how the world should or shouldn’t be.

All of the emotions we experience are a reaction to our thoughts. What we feel in our bodies as our emotions is our body reacting to these thoughts, and our thoughts are determined by the beliefs we hold. Continue reading