Performing on stage - A talk with Michael Slade (photo by Júlia Jiminez)

033: Performing on Stage, Expression Through Hip-Hop and Thoughts on Self-Awareness – a Talk with Michael Slade

I sat down with my old housemate Mike for a casual chat about life.

Mike Slade
Michael Slade

Michael and I were housemates this year and would regularly find ourselves deep in conversation in the kitchen on topics of psychology, philosophy and the nature of the universe.

The thought of recording these conversations often came up but never eventuated until now.

This week’s episode is a little different as I purposefully left the topic of our talk undecided. I let my questions come from a place of genuine curiousity instead of the expectation to make the best podcast episode in the world, and really, this is how all of our conversations have started in the past.

We talk about the experience of performing on stage, why hip-hop is Mike’s primary form of expression and Mike shares a heartfelt message to his 15 year old self when he was having a hard time in life.

Michael has a degree in psychology and is an Australian hip-hop artist focused on spreading awareness and understanding through his music for us to re-connect with ourselves and each other.
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The Artist's Way (photo by Júia Jimenez))

032: The Artist’s Way – a Talk With Luna Ma Narama (Part 2)

A Tool for Unblocking Our Creative Flow.

The Artist's Way - a Talk with Luna Ma Narama
Luna Ma Narama

This is Part 2 of my talk with Luna. Here’s Part 1 of our talk if you missed it.

The Artist’s Way, written by Julia Cameron, is a well known tool for understanding and clearing the blocks which hold us back from knowing and expressing our creativity.

In this episode, we go deep into the tools which The Artist’s Way provides and share our own experiences of going through the course and the continued use of the tools well after completing the 12-week course.

I began my Artist’s Way Journey at the end of 2012. I had just finished my degree in Film and was at a dead end creatively. I had so many film ideas and wasn’t working on a single one of them. I would procrastinate big time and do anything not to work on them even though I wanted to! Sounds crazy right?

I knew my creative expression was blocked and that I was afraid of making a film which no one liked or making a film in the wrong way, but I didn’t know why I was feeling this way.

My mum had a copy of The Artist’s Way and I would often find it laying around the house and flip through and read the inspiring quotes.

Overtime I began procrastinating in more and more elaborate ways and still wasn’t feeling free to create. I wanted to understand why I was so scared of making a film. It was around this time that The Artist’s Way came up in conversation with a friend and we decided to start the 12-week journey together.

I completed the course in early 2013 and found it helped me uncover some answers to why I was experiencing such a high degree of creative-blockedness. The tools it provided were invaluable and I highly recommend the Book to anyone seeking to understand and reconnect with their creative expression.

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Making space for the creative voice (photo: Júlia Maria Jiménez)

031: The Expectations We Place on Our Creativity and Making Space for the Creative Voice – a Talk With Luna Ma Narama (Part 1)

Navigating through common difficulties encountered on the creative path.

Making space for the creative voice
Luna Ma Narama

Luna is a poet and multidisciplinary artist who has worked across the fields of theater, puppetry, design, film and even circus. This little list only covers a portion of her creative experiences.

From an early age she was expressing complex emotions, like the emotion of confusion, using water colour paints.

She is no stranger to the creative journey and the different challenges and obstacles which can arise along the way.

We sat down and talked about finding the balance between self-time and social-time, how to manage the expectations we we bring to our own creative process, and some of the ways we can make space for our unique creative voice to come through.

This is Part 1 of my talk with Luna. Stay tuned for Part 2 which will be up next week.

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Tools for Healing

030: We’re All Hurting but Where Are the Tools for Healing?

We can’t begin to heal ourselves if we don’t know how to identify and move through our pain.

I had a pretty good childhood but there was still a fair amount of anxiety, fear, blame, and impatience thrown around.

There are small events and big events in life which leave us with psycho-emotional wounds to carry around. Often we have no idea these wounds are there because they only come to the surface when they’re triggered.

I feel these wounds are a guaranteed part of life, unfortunately understanding and healing them is a different story.

As a kid I wasn’t given the tools for healing and unless I went looking for them I wouldn’t have any idea it was even possible to understand and heal my wounds.

This is a passionate episode. I share my thoughts and detail why I’ve dedicated my life to the discovery of tools both known and unknown.
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5 Benefits of Meditation

5 Benefits of Meditation and Why You Should Consider Starting – Guest Post by Peter Fessel

Thinking about exploring meditation for yourself? Take a look at 5 of the biggest benefits my friend Peter experienced and learn how to begin your own practice.

Intro from Ben: Peter’s previous article was a yearly reflection on the biggest self-discoveries he made in 2015 which greatly improved the quality of his life. However, one of the things he didn’t mention was that he’d made most of these discoveries alongside starting his own meditation practice.

Not being able to fit all of these juicy experiences into one article he has returned with this article featuring the biggest benefits he’s experienced through meditation.

A recommended read if you’re curious about what to expect from starting your own explorations with meditation.

Starting with meditation about a year and a half ago was definitely one of the positive changes in my life. I believe that the benefits I gained through meditation were a catalyst enabling me to further change my life for the better. Meditation helped me in getting rid of some bad habits and identifying some unhealthy thought patterns. As well as making me generally more balanced and more focused.

With this article I want to convince you that meditation is for everyone. But in order to convince you I will refrain from getting all esoteric about it because I’m aware that this might scare you off. Maybe one of the reasons why you can’t see yourself actually trying out something like meditation is because you think it’s only for “hippies” and “esoteric people”? Well it’s not, I believe that everyone should at least try it and that everyone can benefit from it. So here I’m just going to give you a simple list of benefits that I personally experienced very quickly after first starting to meditate. No esoteric hocus-pocus, just plain facts.

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Next big step

029: Stepping Out of Stagnation – 5 Actionable Reminders for Taking The Next Big Step in Life

Making it easier to take action on your next big thing.

Usually we’re going to experience some fear when taking a big step into a new experience; moving out of home, travelling overseas, starting a relationship – these are things we may genuinely want for ourselves but find ourselves unable to take action because where afraid of what this new experience will bring.

In this episode, I share five actionable reminders that have helped me become clearer on my next big step and allowed me to take progressive action towards achieving it.

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Dance in public

028: The Gift of Listening and 30 Days of Dancing in Public – A Talk with Elliot

Being vulnerable and expressing ourselves despite the judgment of others

Elliot - Dance in Public
Elliot Cahill

Elliot is continually stepping out into the unknown and challenging his comfort zone. He does this seemingly unaffected by the judgements and beliefs of others.

I asked about the earlier years of his life and he shared with me that things haven’t always been like this.

As a kid he was cut down for asking too many questions and experienced rejection from others when sharing his early video projects. As a result he stopped sharing himself with others.

But overtime he’s managed to step outside external judgements and beliefs and express himself with even more freedom and authenticity.

We look at how we can give the gift of listening to each other; how Elliot steps outside his comfort zone, and his latest project – 30 Days of Dance – which involves him dancing in public everyday for a month, making himself vulnerable for all to see and encouraging others to join him in this open form of expression.

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